EGTC Efxini Poli

EGTC Efxini Poli – Network of European Cities for Sustainable Development consists in the evolution of a network of Greek local authorities aiming at its members’ social, cultural, environmental, touristic and agricultural development, which was founded in 1995 under the name “EFXINI POLI”. EFXINI POLI as EGTC has been activated since September of 2012 and undertakes projects of territorial cooperation (cross-border, interregional, transnational etc). Nowadays, in 2017, the EGTC consists of 36 members, which of 31 are municipalities from Greece and abroad and the rest of members are local and university authorities. EGTC EFXINI POLI in strong cooperation with its members, aims at interregional, transnational and cross-border activities for sustainable development in network areas for transferring know –how and exchange of good practices. EGTC EFXINI POLI offers 22 years experience in Management of co-financed projects, has Management Capacity for their implementation and has been cooperated with more than 800 institutions, such as Municipalities, Regions and Universities in the territory of EU and outside of it.

Objectives Environmental and Tourist Development achieved by European Projects, which target to improve buildings energy efficiency with specific application of models in coastal tourist cities
Agricultural Development achieved by Projects, which focus on particular characteristics of these regions, in order to enhance their competitiveness
Cultural Development
Information, Support, Training, Promotion into Employment for the socially vulnerable groups (Long-Term Unemployed, Immigrants, Roma, Disabled, Juvenile Delinquents)
Extroversion of member authorities, quest of good practices and transfer know-how
Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship